• There are scholarship websites and ideas listed at the bottom of the Financial Aid page.
    This page will be devoted to scholarship opportunities that are mailed directly to Petrides.  This page will be active and on-going as deadlines pass and new scholarships are created. If you need a copy of your transcript in order to apply and I am not in my office, see Mrs. Troost. Please check back frequently!  
    You have probably heard about the new Excelsior Scholarship in the state of New York.  This provides free tuition for families whose income is less than $110,000 your first year of college and less than $125,000 your second, third, and fourth years of college.  This means that you can attend a CUNY college for free and only have to pay for books and transportation. For the SUNY colleges, you will save the yearly tuition ($6,600) but still have to pay for room and board (about $14,000) plus another $4,000 for books, transportation, and personal expenses.  That will bring the SUNY cost, per year, to about $18,000 instead of $24,000.  Go to www.HESC.ny.gov to find the Excelsior Scholarship. That site will answer your questions and provide the application.