In order to submit an application for City University of New York (CUNY), apply online at: www.cuny.edu/apply  The application will allow you to choose as many as 6 of their colleges if you wish to.  You are guaranteed an acceptance in one of their colleges as long as you have a New York City High School diploma (regents or local) and apply by their deadline, February 1. However, they will not guarantee that you will get accepted to a particular college - that depends on your grades. They do accept applications after February 1 on an as-needed basis to fill in seats.  In order to apply you will need:

    • your social security number or alien registration number
    • your Petrides school ID number (so that they can pull your transcript)
    • your family's tax information if you are applying for SEEK financial aid - you must request it on the college application at the time you apply
    • a credit card or check to pay the $65 application fee (unless you are on the federal free/reduced lunch list and have received a fee waiver code from me)
    When you have submitted your application, you must also submit your SAT scores.  Log into your College Board account and pay to send out your scores only one time to:  UAPC (University Application Processing Center) code 2950.  UAPC will forward your SAT score report to each college on your CUNY list. High schools do not send out your SAT or ACT scores!
    Essays and letters of recommendation are not required for General Freshman Admission, however, they are required for special programs.  Special programs may also require a personal interview.
    City University's special programs have deadlines - usually December 1.  The Macaulay Honors Program is designed for high achieving students.  It is tuition free for 4 years, they give you a laptop computer, and they deposit $7,500 in an account for you so that you can study abroad, travel to an internship, buy books, etc.  
    There are 2 medical programs that are 7 years in duration after high school graduation.  You can apply to Sophie Davis at City College of New York (CCNY) in Manhattan, and BAMD at Brooklyn College.
    If you are applying for SEEK financial aid, or the Macaulay Honors Program, you must also submit a FAFSA application (see the Financial Aid page).
    The College of Staten Island has another honors program called The Verrazano School.  They have a separate application and do not give you free tuition, but you will receive priority registration for your classes, and special mentoring.
    Do Not list your CUNY colleges on your Naviance account.  CUNY does not receive documents through Naviance.
    CUNY processes their applications on a Rolling Admissions basis.  The sooner you apply, the sooner you will receive you responses (except for special programs).
    If you are not eligible for SEEK financial aid, you are probably eligible for the Excelsior Scholarship (see Scholarship tab).  This will save you the yearly tuition of $6,300 and you will only have to pay for books and transportation.