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    Mr. Anthony Tabbitas, High School Assistant Principal

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    Are you interested in having your child work this summer? 



    The Summer Youth Employment Program is hiring.
    Check out the information below for more information. A representative from SYEP will be here on February 9th, during high school lunch, to speak to interested students. 
    Dont hesitate. Scan the QR Code on the link and complete the questionnaire to see if you are eligible for a guaranteed spot. 





    Petrides High School Seniors

    The Michael J Petrides School PTA is proud to offer our Annual Scholarship.

    Four graduating High School Seniors from the class of 2023 will receive one $1,000 scholarship award. 


    For more information

    PTA Scholarship link





    January Calendar for High School Students

    End of Term 1



    January 23 - Last day of term 1 classes
    January 24 - January 27 - Regents week 
     updated**January 30 - Last day of the Fall semester** updated
    January 31 - Spring semester begins 
    February 1 - Report cards distribution for grades 9 - 12 
    Winter Sports Season 


    Monday January 30th
    Boys Basketball away against Wagner JV 4:30 Varsity 6:00
    Tuesday January 31st
    Girls Basketball Home against New dorp JV 4:00 Varsity 6:00
    Wednesday February 1st
    Varsity Boys Home against Eagle Academy 5:00 (Senior Night)
    Thursday February 2nd
    Girls Varsity Basketball Home against MSIT 4:30 ( Senior Night)
    Friday February 3rd
    Boys Varsity Basketball SIHSL play in game Time and location TBD





    Interested in taking FREE college courses during the Spring semester 2023?

    Current 11th and 12th grade students are invited to apply 

    to College Now through CSI


    For information on how to apply:


    For information about course offerings: 



    CUNY offers more than 1,750 top-notch academic programs for degree-seeking students. Undergraduate programs will lead to either an associate or the bachelor’s degree. An associate’s degree requires approximately 60 college credits while a bachelor’s typically requires 120 college credits. Click the links below to search through academic programs offered at the undergraduate colleges of CUNY; programs are listed in alphabetical order by name. Please note, some programs may not be listed, but for complete program listing please see specific CUNY college web sites.



    Spring 2023  Course Information

    Classes BEGIN January 28, 2023 and END on May 20, 2023. All classes will take place on Saturday mornings.

    **MTH 113 will be held IN PERSON on the CSI Campus. Students MUST be vaccinated for COVID-19 to participate and must show proof of vaccination**


    ENG 111 — Introduction to College Level Writing – 3 CREDITS 

    ONLINE - Introduction to college-level writing as a form of inquiry, knowledge-making, personal and public expression, and intellectual contribution. Students read and write in a variety of genres and traditions, while considering different kinds of evidence and ways of providing support for their ideas. Includes attention to the evaluation of sources and their ethical use. Employs a rhetorically attentive process approach to writing to support students as they identify and practice strategies for developing ideas (inventing), drafting, revising, editing, and proofreading their work.

    MTH 113 — Introduction to Probability and Statistics – 4 CREDITS 

    **IN-PERSON, COVID-19 VACCINATION REQUIRED**  Measures of central tendency and dispersion, the normal curve, hypothesis testing. Linear correlation and regression, basic concepts in probability with application to problems in the social, behavioral, physical, and biological sciences. Statistical computer programs will be used extensively.

    PSY 100 — Psychology – 3 CREDITS

    ONLINE - A study of the important facts and theories concerning human behavior and its motivation. Included will be research methodology; at least three topics from learning, cognition, testing, physiology, and phenomenology; and at least three topics from personality, psychopathology, emotion and motivation, history and systems, development, and social factors. Topics will be related to major trends in recent cultural history and to current social and moral issues.

    POL 222 — The American Legal System – 4 CREDITS

    ONLINE - The role of law and the courts in U.S. society and the historical background and philosophical principles upon which the U.S. legal system is based. Examination of the powers and workings of courts, how judges and lawyers act, and how U.S. citizens are affected by the legal system.


    ONLINE - An introduction to sociological approaches used to study human societies. The course explores the interaction between the individuals, groups and societies; the development and role of social institutions such as health care, education, criminal justice, the economy and the family; the causes and consequences of social inequalities, as structured by factors like social class, race, gender and sexuality.





    Yearbook Pictures 

    Class of 2023



    Parents can contact Ms. Carrara cdoyle5@schools.nyc.gov or Mr Hurley phurley2@schools.nyc.gov if you have not taken your senior picture    





    Student Activities, Clubs and Teams




    Petrides has a wonderful number of clubs, teams and activities available to our students.  Students that are involved in a club, activity or team will not only be able to have the opportunity to pursue their interests but also to make friends and have fun. It is also proven that students who are involved in extracurricular activities have higher grades, fewer discipline problems and are more likely to get into the college of their choice. If you do not see the club, activity or team that you are interested in on the chart below, you are welcome to start the club. Students can see Mr. J. Cucuzza or Ms. Krusi in room B130 for information about any of the clubs, teams or activities or about starting a new club. Go Panthers!!! 

    Students can see Mr. Lyman, our Athletic Director or the coach of each sport for specifics about a PSAL team     

     Clubs & Teams 





    High School Staff Directory

    All high school teachers can be reached via email 

    Check out our new 2022 - 2023 directory

    High school staff directory







    From the College Office   




    Keep an eye on our Career & College Office page for 

    upcoming events, spotlight colleges and other important information 







    Back to School Informational

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    Student Contract 22-23 

    Military Recruiters & Higher Education opt out

    Photo Consent

    High School Class Schedule  

    Family Income Inquiry Form  

    Attendance Policy


    Some forms can be completed using our Google Form links.


    Student Behavior Contract Google Form https://forms.gle/eemgGa6bX6V4fCQC6  


    Emergency Contact Informatation https://forms.gle/A1qNu4kH7kQMpaNA6









    On June 30, all New York City Schools stopped using Pupil Path. Parents/guardians can view the progress of their children through their NYC Schools Account. The NYC Schools Account will have report cards, Regents scores and transcripts.

    In order to access the part of the NYC Schools Account with student information, parents/guardians need an access code. Parents/guardians can email Mr. Doctor directly with their child's name at adoctor2@schools.nyc.gov or adoctor@petridesschool.com.

    If a parent/guardian already has access, but has forgotten their password, they can also email Mr. Doctor. A link to the website for registering for a NYC Schools Account is attached.






     The Michael J.Petrides


    Virtual Art Gallery 











    Need help navigating Google Classroom? 

    Check it out 

    Google Class









    Parents should contact Mr. Doctor for MYSchools and NYCSA account information. adoctor2@schools.nyc.gov 

    Student should see Mr. Doctor in room B107







    Students that lost or need a new Metro card

    See Ms. Carbone in D109 

    For instant information about the MTA bus schedule, check out the MyMTA App









    National Student Clearinghouse - Notice & Opt Out Form 

    According to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), a federal law, the New York City Department of Education (NYC DOE) cannot give out any information that identifies a student without consent. Certain information, however, is called “directory information” and may be shared in some cases. The NYC DOE shares “directory information” with the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC).

    The directory information to be shared consists of the names and birth dates of students who started 9th grade in 2020-21, in addition to all students who attended DOE high schools from 2002-2020. The NSC has data on where students go to college and what types of degrees they receive from more than 3,600 colleges and universities. The NSC uses directory information from the NYC DOE to identify former NYC DOE students and to give information to the NYC DOE about where these students went to college, when they went to college, their graduation dates, and what types of degrees they received. The NYC DOE uses this information to help understand and improve students’ college readiness and success.

    For more information: National Clearing House Informational 

    To opt out complete the Google Form Opt Out Form




    For more information about the high school admission process 

    DOE high school admissions







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