MTA bus service for High School students

  • Petrides High School



    Metro card are distributed in the beginning of the spring, fall and summer semesters for eligible students.


    Bus services to the Petrides complex for high school students are at the discretion of the MTA. The MTA assigns bus service based on ridership.


    In the morining the MTA has scheduled one S66 to make a special stop on Milford Drive from Victory Blvd and Clove Rd. The stop on Milford Drive is approximately 7:20 am.


    At 2:25, the MTA will provide multiple S53 & S78 for our student on Milford Drive. Students can utilize the S53 and transfer on Victory Blvd and Clove Rd where various buses and routes can be accessed.

    Please utilize the MTA bus timetable for specific stops and times.  


    MTA Bus Service



    For instant information about the MTA bus schedule, check out the MyMTA App



    Metro Card and fare eligibility is based on the distance from the students address to the school.  Metro Cards will be distributed during our Back to School Night on September 4th. Metro Cards will be distributed the first week of school for families that miss this event.  
    Please see The Dept of Ed, Office of Pupil Transportation web link for more detailed information.