Summer Informational

Summer Informational - All Grades

  • *Summer Assignments

    All students received their summer assignments during the month of June. We highly recommend students complete all of their summer assignments. Assignments are available on our website  Paper copies can be found in our main office throughout the summer.



    *High School Summer School

    Petrides will be offering a summer school program to students who were unsuccessful in passing the course previously. Students that have previously failed a course, that we are offering this summer, will be programmed to take the course in the summer. Students will be given an invitation on the last day of school. Students can also reach out to Mr. Tabbitas. This summer we will be offering ELA, Global History, United States History, Algebra I and Geometry.  



    *August Regent Exams

    Regent exams will be administered only to students who were enrolled and passed their summer school class. August Regents will also be offered to potential August graduates. Regent notifications will be emailed to students the first week of August. 



    *Summer Seminar for 2023-2024 Petrides Freshman

    Freshman Summer Seminar is a “welcome to high school” two-day program for our accepted 9th grade students. During this seminar our new 9th graders will be able to will be able to get a better understanding of what they could expect in their next four years of school.  Activities will allow all the graduating class of 2027 to improve their organization skills, team build, understand our unique scheduling format, and create their 2023-2024 programs.  Students and parents should keep an eye on our website for dates, times and to RSVP. The Freshman Summer Seminar is not mandatory but recommended.  



    *Welcome Back to School Night

    Students and Families will be invited to our annual Back to School Night where our students will receive their 2023-2104 program, Metro Card and have a chance to meet their teachers. Although a date has not been set, this event usually takes place the night before school reopens. Check our webpage and be on the lookout for the Principal’s eblast messages.



    *First Day of School

    The first day of school is on Thursday, September 7, 2024. For the NYC DOE school calendar



    *2023 – 2024 Student Schedules

    All Student programs are based on graduation requirements first. Elective courses are based on student request and course availability.


    Freshman are limited in their elective courses due to specific graduation requirements course needs.   Sophomores – Seniors submitted their elective course request selection form in May/June. When students receive their program in Students who believe they were programmed incorrectly will complete a Google Form in September.



    *High School Supply List

    Each high school student schedule is unique based on student requests and needs. Therefore, there is not a generic supply list created before the first day of school. Each subject teacher will give a list of supplies needed during the first week of school.



    *PSAL Sports, Clubs and Activities

    Petrides has a wonderful number of clubs, teams and activities available to you as students. We are hoping that you get involved during your high school career in one or more of these wonderful clubs, teams or activities. Getting involved in a club, activity or team will not only give you the opportunity to purse your interests but also to make friends and have fun. To learn more about our PSAL teams, clubs and activities, visit our website


    *Transportation to Petrides

    Metro card are distributed in the beginning of the spring, fall and summer semesters for eligible students. High school students are not eligible for Yellow bus service.


    In the morning the MTA has scheduled one S66 to make a special stop on Milford Drive from Victory Blvd and Clove Rd. The stop on Milford Drive is approximately 7:20 am. At 2:25, the MTA will provide multiple S53 & S78 for our student on Milford Drive. Students can utilize the S53 and transfer on Victory Blvd and Clove Rd where various buses and routes can be accessed.


    For more information about the MTA and service to the Petrides complex, visit our website


    *2023-2024 Family Income Inquiry Form

    Families, regardless of income, are asked to complete a 2023-2024 Family Income Inquiry Form (formerly known as School Meals Form) so that our school can receive additional funding.  You do not have to give any income information if you are certain that you don't qualify, however the NYC DOE asks that families submit the form.  

     If families qualify according to the information submitted on the Family Income Inquiry Form (formerly known as School Meals Form), their child will be entitled to:

    • College Board and ACT fee waivers
    • College application fee waivers
    • A waiver of Advanced Placement (AP) exam fees (if they are waived)

    Complete the form:


    More information about the Family Income Inquiry