English 7/8


    AP English Literature and Composition


    12th Grade Social Studies (no link - just follow the Instructions)

    New York State requires every student to have academic credits in Government AND Economics.  Since AP Comparative Government and AP US Government are full-year classes, we satisfy the economic credit with an online class through Google.  It is free and can be completed pretty simply over the summer. 

    This will not be due until September 9, 2020, but will take you around 6-8 hours to complete through Google. Please sign up ASAP though.
    Go to g.co/applieddigitalskills
    Click "Sign In," and sign in with their Google account
    Select "I am a student"
    Enter class code SMBS28
    Watch the introductory video on their dashboard (if this is their first time using Applied Digital Skills)
    Click into the first lessons of the class on their dashboard
    Put on headphones and watch the first video

    You will share ALL the products with me when you have finished.