Creative Arts

Creative Arts Academy

  • The Creative Arts Academy at the Michael J. Petrides School offers a wide variety of courses and many opportunities for students to showcase their artistic and self-expression in the fields of Fine Arts, Dramatic Arts (Living Word Theater), performing Arts, visual Arts and Commercial Arts. We strive to ensure that all students reach their highest potential through the creation, ownership and showcasing of their own work. 

    Students can be engaged in the following programs

    • Living Word Theatre
    • Theatrical Arts (Performing Arts)
      • Music
      • Orchestra
      • Band
      • Dance
      • Chorus
    • Media Arts
    • Visual Arts
    • Commercial Arts (Fashion)

     Students can select the following elective courses

    • Modern Band
    • Orchestra
    • Concert Band
    • Chorus
    • Graphic Design
    • Studio Art
    • Drawing and Painting
    • Broadcasting
    • Filmmaking
    • Intro to Film
    • Creative Writing
    • Drama
    • Guitar
    • Commercial Arts (Fashion Design)
    • History in Film*

    * Aligns with more than one Academy