Social Sciences

Social Sciences & Language Academy

  • The Social Sciences & Language Academy at the Michael J. Petrides School exposes students to the study of human society and social relationships through immersive learning opportunities in the social science fields of history, literature, sociology, economics and language. This academy engages students in an exploration of the world around them and deeply analyzes human behavior in its social and cultural aspects. 


    Students can be engaged in the following programs

    • Law and Politics
    • Language and Culture
    • History
    • Writing
    • Literature
    • Social Sciences
    • Psychology


    Students can select the following elective courses

    • Creative Writing
    • Drama
    • U.S. History through Film
    • Gov / Eco
    • Spanish Conversation
    • Italian Conversation
    • International Relations
    • Community Affairs Project (CAP)*
    • Council for Unity*
    • AP U.S. Government
    • AP Comparative Government
    • AP U.S. History
    • AP Literature
    • AP Composition (Writing)
    • AP World History

    * Aligns with more than one Academy