Career Exploration and Entrepreneurship Academy

  • The Career exploration and Entrepreneurship Academy at the Michael J. Petrides School engages students in real-world learning and career exploration through hands-on civic engagement experiences, internships, collaborative team projects, leadership training and business simulations. This academy empowers and motivates participants to develop a range of academic, business, technological and professional skills that prepare them for success in post-secondary education, employment and the community. 

    Students can be engaged in the following programs

    • Work Study Program / Internships
    • Teacher Preparation Program / Peer Teaching
    • Teen Opportunity Program (TOP)
    • Community Affairs Project (CAP)
    • Council for Unity
    • Co-Op Tech

    Students can select the following elective courses

    • Tech Crew
    • Peer Teaching
    • Future Teachers
    • Work Study (Cafe)
    • Co-Op Tech
    • Teen Opportunity Program
    • Leadership
    • Home Economics
    • Sports Management
    • Community Affairs Project (CAP)*
    • Council for Unity*

    * Aligns with more than one Academy