All seniors were given a booklet entitled, How To Apply To College.  It includes information on how to use Common Application, how to use Naviance, and how to apply for Financial Aid. Please read it thoroughly!  The following are some important reminders:
  • Use Common Application to apply to college.  If your college is not listed on Common App, go to its website to apply.
  • Use Naviance to list the colleges you have applied to so that we can send out your transcript and letters of recommendation.
  • You must MATCH your Common App and Naviance accounts following the directions in the booklet.
  • All letters of recommendation must be requested through Naviance.
  • It is your responsibility to send out your SAT scores from your own College Board account.
  • SAT scores are not required for 2 year colleges.
  • In order for you to receive a fee waiver for SATs or college apps, you must be on the federal free/reduced lunch list if eligible.
  • If you are eligible for fee waivers, you might be eligible for EOP in the SUNY schools and SEEK in the CUNY schools.
  • The deadline for CUNY is February 1.  You can apply after that but your acceptance will not be guaranteed.
  • Most colleges are on Rolling Admissions so the earlier you apply, your chances of acceptance will be better.
  • Early Action means that you are applying early (usually by Nov. 1 or 15) and you will receive your decision early (you still do not have to accept until May 1).
  • Early Decision is a legally binding contract that states you will attend one particular college if they accept you. It is a serious decision so please discuss it with me.
  • If you wish to participate in college sports, you must register with the NCAA at  Notify me immediately so that I will send a copy of your transcript to NCAA.
  • Watch your deadlines!