Common Application is the place where you will actually apply to most colleges on your list!  Create an account at:  Most of your colleges will be on Common Application, but if some are not, you must use their own college websites to find the link to their applications.  Always use Common Application wherever possible including your 4 year SUNY colleges!  

  • Under the Common App tab, fill out the entire Profile section.  You may request a Fee Waiver here if your are eligible. You must be on the Federal Free/Reduced Lunch List in order to exercise this option.
  • Complete the Education tab.  Our CEEB code is 335 351.  Your date of entry is the date you entered High School (not kindergarten)!  List the dates of your SATs and scores. However, you must also go into your College Board account and send out an official score report to each college in your Common App account. 
  • Start creating your list of colleges by finding them in the College Search tab.  Usually, you only have to type in the name of the college.
  • On your My Colleges tab, click on the college application that you wish to work on.  It will be highlighted in red.  
  • For Recommenders and FERPA, click yes, that your waive your FERPA rights!
  • The homepage of each college will tell you how many teacher evaluations (letters of recommendation) they require.  Do not request teacher letters through Common App - you must request them through your Naviance account.
  • The homepage will also tell you what the college's deadline is.  Most colleges are on Rolling Admissions which means they process applications as they roll in. If it says Rolling, the date next to is means they roll until that time or until freshman seats are filled.  If is is a Rolling Admissions college, the earlier you apply, the better your chances of acceptance! 
  • All problems you might experience must be addressed through Common App Tech Support online, through your application.
  • Once you submit your application, you cannot make any changes so be careful.