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Principal's Weekly Message (The Week of May 9)

The Petrides School


The Week of May 9, 2022 


Dear Parents, 


Third marking period REPORT CARDS were distributed to students in grades 5 through 12 today.   


Happy Mother’s Day! 

 Moms are like buttons—they hold everything in life together 🙂

Sending lots of love to all or our aunts, grandmas, moms and care givers ❤️ 



This month, we’re celebrating . . .  


Mental Health Awareness Month – see attached article prepared by John Misiti, Guidance Counselor.  Topic: How To Create A Safe Space For Your Children 


Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month!   


UNIFORMED OFFICERS APPRECIATION DAY, we’re honoring our community helpers including members of DSNY, FDNY, NYPD (Court Officers, Police Officers, School Safety Agents) and our Crossing Guard, Mr. Greg! 


Here’s what’s happening next week . . .      





Uniformed Officers Appreciation Day Breakfast, honoring our guests 

Our Early Childhood classes will visit Community Helper Stations and learn about what they do! 



PTA hosts Panther Pretzel Sale at dismissal - $2 



8:00 am Special Assembly for 9th and 10th grade students: Introducing our High School Academies  


3:45 pm School Leadership Team Meeting, Virtual 


You’re ALL Invited . . . TAKE ME OUT to the BALL GAME!

1st Annual Michael Ollis Memorial Baseball Game - Come support the Petrides Panthers! 

6:45 pm Pre-Game Show 

7:00 pm Michael Ollis Memorial Baseball Game, Mid-Island Babe Ruth Complex (1322 Travis Avenue) 

Petrides High School vs Curtis High School, admission is free 


FRIDAY 5/13   

9:00 am SENIOR Breakfast on the Quad, including Decision Day activities 


STAFF vs STUDENT Basketball Game 


Enjoy the weekend!



Joanne Buckheit 




How to Build a Safe Space for Your Children

Creating a safe space for children is important for their physical, emotional, and mental health. It will help them to feel comfortable and willing to come to you and speak about anything. If a child feels unsafe –for whatever reason they will not be able to have an open conversation, which will inhibit them from expressing their feelings and concerns. Building an environment of comfort, and trust is necessary in raising a happy and healthy child.

   Ways to Create a Safe Space in Your Home:


  • Do Not Judge - Actively listen. Allow your child to know that you hear what they are saying and respect what they are feeling. You are not there to judge or impose your views. Show your child that they can share anything without fear.


  • Do Not Over-react- Some of the issues your child is sharing may be intense. Remain open-minded and help guide your child towards an appropriate solution. Remember they are coming to you because they trust you. “Don’t Yell.” Yelling may adversely affect you lines of communication.


  • Do Not Dismiss their Concerns- Allow you child to know that you are always there for them. Regardless of how trivial you may think their issues are, they are a big deal for the child. Respect their feelings and views. Show concern when they are upset and ask questions about their feelings and actions.



  • Show Empathy and Compassion - Try to understand your child’s behaviors, feelings, and views even if they are different than your own. Give your child your full attention. Understand and tolerate their perspective, which may help in preventing you from responding poorly to their situation.


  • Set Good Examples - Always be aware of your actions and words especially around your children.


  • Display Affection- Show concern when they are upset and ask questions about their behaviors and feelings. Show them you love and care for them unconditionally.