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IMPORTANT Information Regarding ADMISSIONS at All Grade Levels

The Petrides School

IMPORTANT Information Regarding ADMISSIONS at All Grade Levels 

January 28, 2021 
Dear Parents, 


Please see below essential information regarding “Admissions” processes.  It is important to know, that once a student is admitted to the Petrides School, they have a right to continue in their seat through grades Pre K -12.  HOWEVER, families must participate in the “city-wide” admissions processes in grades Kindergarten, 6 and 9 – by completing the available city-wide Kindergarten, Middle School and High School applications.  You must declare your intent to continue at Petrides in each of these milestone grades. 


You should know, that we take seriously the responsibility of possibly providing a child’s entire (pre-college) education, and have developed a 14 year plan to ensure the success of our students.   Our stellar high school statistics are proof that we’re getting the job done.  We continually evolve to meet the needs of our current students; and certainly hope that our families commit to our PreK-12 program.   


SPECIFIC INFORMATION regarding ADMISSIONS by grade level: 

The city-wide admissions processes were delayed a bit this school year; most are happening now! 


KINDERGARTEN APPLICATION:  The deadline to submit Kindergarten applications was extended until Friday, January 29th.  

  • I am happy to report that ALL of our current PreK students have submitted their Kindergarten application! 
  • If your child is the sibling of a present Petrides student, and NOT currently in our PreK program, you must note the “sibling” relationship on your Kindergarten application, and list Petrides School as your first choice to be given sibling priority for admission.   


MIDDLE SCHOOL APPLICATION: The deadline to submit Middle School applications is Tuesday, February 9th

  • Parents of 5th grade students will find their child’s Middle School application in their MySchools account.  (For access to your MySchool’s account, email Alan Doctor,   


HIGH SCHOOL APPLICATION: The deadline for families to submit their child’s High School application is the week of February 22nd.  


In hopes of helping you make this important decision, we  have organized the following events to provide important information about our high school program 

  • Virtual STUDENT FORUM, A panel of High School students will present on our high school program and answer student questions – For interested 7th and 8th grade STUDENTS: Wednesday, February 3rd at 1:30pm  
  • Virtual HIGH SCHOOL INFORMATION MEETING for Parents of 7th and 8th graders: Monday, February 8th at 7:00 pm.   High School Assistant Principal Anthony Tabbitas will present on our high school program and Guidance Counselor Sheren Attal will explain the high school application process.   



Historically, the Office of Student Enrollment has conducted a school specific “blind lottery” process to select students for available seats in grades 1 through 5.   


Moving forward, a decision will be made on how to fill these vacant seats once we review requests for admission and the seat availability.   PRIORITY will be given to siblings – but it is necessary for you to NOTIFY US of your REQUEST for a SEAT in GRADES 1 through 5, for September, 2021. 

Please send an email (IMMEDIATELY) to School Secretary Lindsay Lamotta:, declaring your request for seat, include the following information: 

Name of child, grade child will be entering in September 2021, name of sibling and parent contact information.    


Feel free to contact me or the assistant principals with any questions: 

Jennifer Ponzi-Caputo, Elementary School Assistant Principal – 

BettyAnn Souffrin, Middle School Assistant Principal –  

Anthony Tabbitas, High School Assistant Principal –  



Joanne Buckheit