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Update: Instructional Program

The Petrides School



October 12, 2020 


Dear Petrides Parents, 

We are prepared to open our doors this week for students in COHORT A tomorrow (Tuesday) and COHORT B students on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.   

And, as we settle into the school year, I am writing to share information about our instructional program.    

It is important to know that our students are scheduled for a full return to school (as we’re hoping that happens someday soon); our elementary school students belong to a group assigned to a classroom teacher, and our middle and high school students are programmed for the courses they need and/or want to take this term.   Our appropriately licensed, knowledgeable and experienced teachers have taken responsibility for teaching the students in their class(es) – whether they are learning from home and/or at school.   We’ve made some adjustments to that (fully back) schedule to accommodate our current Blended Learning program.   

This is new for us . . . we appreciate your patience as our program evolves.    

Here’s some things you should know . . .  

  • Most all of our teachers are in school and with students there at least some times on some days.   Some teachers are livestreaming from their classrooms, to allow the students at home to participate in classroom instruction with their classmates at school. 
  • Many teachers, even in our Elementary School component are working as part of a “grade level team”.   So lessons may be presented, either live or pre-recorded, by any one of these teachers.  You met the grade level team of teachers at tour Meet and Greet event in September. 
  • Our curriculum, including learning activities (assignments), materials and resources, lives in our Google classrooms.  This allows our students to move from “cloud” to classroom easily.   


Patience and flexibility continue to be virtues necessary to survive school during this pandemic.  We recognize that every student does not have their own dedicated device and sharing among family members may mean that a child misses a live meet; or because a parent is working during the day, a child may not complete/submit an assignment until after the “school day” ends.  We want you to know that a teacher may not respond immediately to your inquiry because s/he may be in the classroom working with students at that time.   


While school looks different this year, we are committed to providing an excellent education, including a rigorous and rich curricula and exciting learning experiences for our students, PreK-12.  We continue to reflect and revise our practices as we attempt to find the perfect balance and ensure we are reaching and engaging all of our learners, both those in-person and those learning remotely.    


As always, your feedback is important to us as understanding your experience will help us create a program that best meets the needs of our kids J 


Joanne Buckheit