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Update: Start of School (September 1, 2020)

The Petrides School


Update: Start of SchooL

September 1, 2020 


Dear Petrides Parents, 


Like you, we learned today that start date for in-person instruction for students participating in Blended Learning, has been moved to Monday, September 21st.   

Remote learning for ALL of our students will begin on Wednesday, September 16th.   


Please be reminded of our Blended Learning model: 








Group D (Remote Only Learning Students)   


Group A   

Group A   

Group A   

Group B   

Group B   


Group A  

Group A   

Group B   

Group B   

Group B   


  • The week of September 21st will be identified as WEEK 1; students in Cohort A will report to school on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Cohort B students will report to school on Thursday and Friday that week. 
  • For clarity and convenience, we are making color coded ID badges for each Blended Learning student that will identify their cohort and the specific Wednesday dates they should report to school.  


Regarding school time: 

  • While not yet approved, we expect that the school day for students will be 8:00 am to 1:30 pm. 
  • It’s important to know that due to social distancing guidelines, students will not be permitted to enter the building until our school start time, 8:00 am.   Grab and go breakfast will be available to all students.  


Regarding busing: 

  • While the DOE continues to work on the issue, we have been informed that there will NOT be yellow school bus service in place for the first day of school.   


Regarding instruction: 

Our teachers are currently working to enhance their Google Classrooms, as the curriculum for all students will live on-line.  Students will be invited to join their classroom through their @Petridesschool email address.  We are currently working to creating email addresses for our PreK, new Kindergarten and newly admitted students.   

All students, both those participating in blended learning and those fully remote, will be assigned to a class (classes for middle and high school students) and will participate in virtual, synchronous learning with their classmates on the days they are not in school.   

Our grade level teams of teachers will be working together to provide robust, rigorous, rousing instruction for students, both when they’re working remotely and in-person.  Best practice for blended learning calls for continuity of instructors.  We are committed to providing the time, resources and support needed to allow our teachers to work with the students in their class(es), both remotely and in-person.  Our remote only students will work (virtually) alongside their classmates, and with their teachers.   


Our Outdoor Learning Plan was approved and will allow us to use the outdoor areas on our beautiful campus for learning activities this fall.   


Teachers return to school next week.  We will be in touch with information about upcoming virtual engagements, including a parent workshop explaining new health and safety guidelines,  Meet and Greet with your teachers and Curriculum Conferences.   


REMINDER: Accessing your child’s @Petridesschool email address: 

  • Students/parents can visit, then click the blue "Sign-In" button in the top right corner of the page.  
  • Next, you will enter your child’s @PetridesSchool email address and password to gain access. (As a reminder, this is your child's firstname.lastname@petridesschool (such as  
  • Once you have gained access, you will click "G-Mail" in the top right-hand corner. This will direct you to your email inbox where an invite to join a teacher's Google Classroom page will be waiting for you to open and accept.  
  • If you forgot your password to log in, you may email the following teachers below to have your password reset: 

Ms. Wilson - Elementary School Families - 

Mr. Giordano - Middle School Families - 

Mr. Doctor - High School Families - 



Joanne Buckheit