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Principal's Last Day of School Message

The Petrides School


June 26, 2020 

Dear Perides Parents,

It’s been an emotional week . . . we welcomed new families to Petrides during our Kindergarten Orientation on Monday evening, and tonight, we will send off the Class of 2020 . . . remotely. 

It hasn’t really felt like June or the end of the school year, but today is the last day.

We’re sending our best wishes to the Petrides High School Class of 2020 and we look forward to celebrating with you in-person.

A few things . . .

Please see attached message from Chancellor Carranza. 

Our school building remains closed.  I know that some of you would like to pick up the contents of your child’s desk or for upper grades, things they may have in their gym locker.  We will be in touch with further information on when and how this can be done.  Parents of students in grades K, 4 and 8 who were unable to attend our drive-by celebration, should also wait for further direction on how to pick up gift bags and certificates.

  • END of YEAR REPORT CARDS have been released.  Elementary School teachers are communicating with parents to ensure easy access to students’ grades.  Middle and High School (grades 6 through 12) report cards can be found in PupilPath.  Fifth grade parents should look in their MySchools account (just like last time). 
  • SUPPLY LISTS for the new school year for students in grades PreK through 7 have been posted in students’ current Google Classrooms and will be available on our website: (There is no specific supply list for high school students.)  REMEMBER: You are looking for information regarding the next grade, for example: current 2nd grade students will complete 3rd grade summer work, and will need 3rd grade supply list.
  • SUMMER ASSIGNMENTS for students in grades PreK through 8 can be found in students’ current Google Classrooms.  We will keep these spaces open and available to students throughout the summer months.  High School assignments can be found on our website: (click on “Administration” tab and then on Mr. Tabbitas’ name.)  Please note that some teachers will contact students directly through Google  
  • REFUNDS: We will continue to process refunds of money collected for senior dues (partial refunds will be generated), school trips, and other expenses for cancelled events.  Please be patient as we do this work remotely.
  • SPRING SCHOOL PHOTOS: We have received Spring School Photos, and will get them to you as soon as possible. 

We don’t have much information yet regarding what school will be like in September.  The Chancellor’s Office is conferring with the CDC and health department, and collecting information from all stakeholders, including: school staff, students (grades 6-12) and parents, and will provide further information in the upcoming days. 

Please know that the assistant principals and I will continue to be available and in touch throughout the summer.   We will share information as we receive it, and will be looking for your input and feedback and we figure out how to make things work at our school.


Note the best contact information me and my administrative team:

Jennifer Ponzi-Caputo, Assistant Principal Elementary School –

BettyAnn Souffrin, Assistant Principal Middle School –

Anthony Tabbitas, Assistant Principal High School –

Joanne Buckheit, Principal –


Wishing you a wonderful summer!!!



Joanne Buckheit