• We are making our way through the alphabet and are more than half way done!  When we finish we will start tapping (sounding) out words.  It's very exciting for the children to realize they are beginning to read!
    Sight words to practice at home
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  • We have been reading Eric Carle books in class and love him!  Each time we read a book we have gotten to do a response in our very own Eric Carle Author Study booklet or an art project.
    Some hightlights:
       The Very Hungry Caterpillar  - we made caterpillars
       The Tiny Seed - we made flowers from paper plates and painted them in Eric Carle's style
       Little Cloud - we painted what we would turn into if we were a cloud
       The Artist Who Painted A Blue Horse  - we painted what color we would make an animal like the author did
    We also watched a video on the SmartBoard of how Eric Carle paints his tissue paper for his book.  
    Next time you go to the library look for some Eric Carle books! 
    Ask your child what their favorite book was too! 
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  • November 2012

    We are working so hard in kindergarten!  We have finished the alphabet and are sounding out words now!  Wow!!  The children work in reading groups each day.  They rotate through five activities (one each day), ABC Center, Guided Reading with Mrs. Moore, Listening Center, Guided Reading with Mrs. Caccese and independent reading.  They are applying skills learning during shared reading and are very excited about beginning to read books!

    We are enjoying writing also!  We start with a great illustration to get our ideas flowing.  Then we dictate stories to our teachers and are now trying to write and sound out words ourselves!

    In math we have been practicing the 'tricky teens' by counting and recognizing the numbers.  We have also started telling addition stories and recognizing the symbols for plus and equals.

    We will start reading books about the different winter holidays and enjoy books by Jan Brett.