• Here are our homework routines for the 2013-2014 school year. Sometimes, due to holidays and/or upcoming school events, the homework will vary. 

     Complex Text Responses

    Complex Homework is assigned to challenge our students in both reading and writing. They need to complete the following assignments each week according to the schedule below:

    1. Monday- Read the text. Make sure your child does a careful, close reading. They are encouraged to code the text using the following codes:

             Check symbol  - for something known

             L- for new learning

    Language that signals new learning: I never knew, Wow, I learned, I can’t believe, Hmm…interesting, Amazing, I was surprised, Cool, I didn’t know, No way, That’s news to me, Oh no, so sad.

             R- reminds me

             Q- question

             W- wondering

             ??- confusion 

             !- exciting or suprising information

             *- important information

    2. Wednesday- Answer the multiple choice questions provided. Then have your child create 3 questions and 4 possible answers on a separate sheet of paper.

    3. Friday- Your child is to re-read the text to have them answer the short and extended response questions. Be sure your child edits their work for capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and grammar.

    Vocabulary/Convention Focus: 


    Each week the children will receive content-based vocabulary words. They will also be focusing on a different convention each week. The homework in this  area is as folows:
    Monday: first half of words are to be put in sentences
    Tuesday: second half of vocabulary words are to be put into sentences
    Wednesday: complete convention focus sheet
    Thursday: study vocabulary words for a quiz on Friday
    *Friday: Vocabulary assessment
    ***The vocabulary list will be found in the purple dot notebook. The homework is to be completed in this book.
    When students are asked to write an entry, please remind them that they can write about anything (a memory, first times, special events, favorite places visited, pets, animals, family and friends,...). Your child should write at least 5 sentences. Be sure that they revise and edit their writing too!
    Current Events 
    Current events homework will be assigned each Friday. Be sure to attach the article in your child's orange dot along with their current events sheet.
    Your child will have homework from the Go Math Homework each day. Please review the math vocabulary words located in your child's yellow dot daily.
    Thank you for your dedication, cooperation, and hard work, to help ensure that the third grade are successful students! 






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