• Dear Incoming Fifth Grade Students and Families,


    As summer approaches, we all look forward to the many rewarding experiences that we will have during our break from school.  This summer, you will also be preparing to make the transition from elementary school to middle school, with all the challenges that lie ahead.  Along your journey, keeping your skills sharp is vitally important to being a successful learner.


    As your ELA teacher, I have chosen a book for everyone to read this summer.  We will be reading “No Talking” by Andrew Clements.  It is the story of a group of fifth grade students who start a “boys against girls” contest, and they find themselves working together in a quiet act of civil disobedience.  As you read, you should use post it notes to keep track of your thoughts and mark specific examples of text evidence to support your thoughts. I have included questions, which I would like you to complete, using full sentences, so I can see what your strengths are as we begin our year together.


    I am also including an extra credit project, which is totally optional.  You can select one biography, memoir or autobiography about a person who has changed the world through their actions or contributions to society. Your assignment will be to conduct an “interview” with this person, where you are the interviewer asking the questions.  Your interview should have at least 12 questions, 3 from each of the Depth of Knowledge areas, along with their “answers”. I have included a depth of knowledge wheel, along with sample questions and a rubric for this written project.


    I am excited to begin this new journey with you and look forward to seeing you in September.  Until we meet again,


    Have a great summer!


    Mrs. Forkowitz