• Welcome to Guitar.

    The guitar is probably the most popular instrument worldwide and can be played in any style of music. Whether you pluck out notes for a melody or play chords to accompany a vocalist, it is one of the most enjoyable instruments to play.
    The goal of this class is to give students a solid foundation for playing this instrument so they can continue to pursue performing it in years to come.
    Students will be assigned a guitar for the year. Daily routines include warm-ups with various finger exercises and a lesson for the day. Students will move on to a new lesson as the class masters it. Students will learn to read standard music notation starting with the first string (E) of the guitar. While students are learning to read they will also be introduced to open guitar chords and gradually progress to barre- chords. 




                Students are required to purchase some guitar pics for use during the class.

    Please remember to check Pupil Path throughout the year to check on your child's progress.
    Musically yours,
    Mr. Bunnicelli