Teaching is a profession which has love, meaning and the power to touch lives in ways many other professions can't. As a graduate of Wagner College, I have earned a bachelor degree in psychology and a dual masters degree in both childhood education and special education. I have also obtained 30 credits above my masters degree. These accomplishments along with my experiences teaching throughout the years has shown me that my journey learning and growing as a teacher is far from over. Upon my experiences, I have learned that an effective teacher is one who self reflects and continuously improves even so called “successes” in order to better the educational experience for their students as well as for themselves.

     As a graduate of The Michael J. Petrides School class of 2003, I feel it is a privilege to embrace the students that came after, moving forth in my "old stepping grounds" and carry out the Petrides mission I have grown acustom to.
        I am currently teaching a 6th grade introductory-level spanish course, a 6th grade science course and provide 6th grade Special Education Teaching Services at the Michael J. Petrides School. As a "SETSS" provider I get to work with students one-on-one and in small group instruction, motivating students to better potential. As a service provider I provide my students with guidance, by helping them make the right decisions, to improve, take chances, and never give up as they overcome obstacles they are faced with upon their journey, not only in the classroom, but out in the world. Each child should be viewed as an individual with individual needs. Even though a class is seen as a whole,it is every single unique child that makes up that whole.