• The entire college application is organized by our Naviance software system.  You must list all of your colleges on your Naviance account so that I can send out your transcripts and other documents!  Go to: https://succeed.naviance.com  I gave each junior his registration code.  If you did not receive yours, please email me. Register and create your own log-in information. Register for the first time where it says, "I'm new and need to register." That's how you create your account. Then, in the future, log in with the information you created and you will not need that code anymore.
    Create your Common Application account.  Add at least one college to it.  Answer all of the Education questions.  Sign the FERPA Release Authorization. Then go to Naviance and complete the Common App Account Matching process on Naviance:
    • Use the exact name you used on Common App
    • Use the exact Date of Birth
    • Use the same email address you used when creating your Common App account!  This is the way that Common App's software will integrate with Naviance's software so that the colleges will receive your documents.
    • If some of your colleges are not Common App schools, you still must list them on Naviance because I can still send documents that way (except CUNY).
    • Add all of your colleges to the Colleges I'm Applying To list in Naviance.
    You must request your letters of recommendation on Naviance. Go to:  Colleges I'm Applying To and click on Letters of Recommendation.  Click on Add Request and Select a Teacher. Most students select "All Current and Future Colleges." You can submit a personal note to the teacher and then click Submit Request.  All letters of recommendation are confidential and must be submitted electronically.  If you wish to include a letter from a recommender outside of our staff (employer, scout leader, pastor, supervisor of an internship, etc.) you must ask that person for his email and give it to me so that I can add it to Naviance.
    Even if a college is not on Common App, list it on Naviance.  There are many colleges that have their own applications and do not use Common App but they do use Naviance for document transmission.
    Request Fee Waivers through Common Application (You must be on the school lunch list!  Go to: https://www.myschoolapps.com)  Enter into Early Decision agreements through Common Application.  Both of these functions will show up on my Naviance portal once you Match your Common App and Naviance accounts.
    Through Naviance, I will send the colleges on your list, your transcript that shows your GPA through your junior year. I will also send your senior class schedule and other necessary reports.  In February, I will send out a new transcript that also includes your senior year, second report card grades.